Gold necklace VEGA Akelo
Name: Vega
Year: 1998
Raw material: gold 900/1000
Price: On Request
Dimension Necklace
Length 42,5 cm
Central pyramid 3x2 cm
Details Necklace

Necklace Vega:
Thick chain made up of links; terminating at either end with two small cylinders to which are soldered the rings and the hook forming the clasp. From the chain hang five elements in the shape of an inverted pyramid; sheet gold superimposed on cut-out petals applied along the three sides of the base; plain wires at the corners and tip with small globe at the summit. A rosette with plain central button masks the fastening between the pyramids and the hook. The central pyramid, which is the largest, presents on every face a phytomorphic filigreed decoration coated with "fine dust" granulation, while the other pyramids display a geometric decoration. Two small cylinders in plain sheet, bordered with a fine cord, are arranged between one pyramid and the next.