Gold necklace WASAT Akelo
Name: Wasat
Year: 1996
Raw material: gold 900/1000, enamel
Price: On Request
Dimension Necklace
Length 43,5 cm
Height max. 3,3 cm
Details Necklace

Necklace Wasat:
The central body is made up of fifteen phytomorphic elements: eight with a lotus flower surmounted by rosettes, from which hang eight ribbed acorns like pendants surrounded by granulation, and seven in the form of a rosette with a double tier of petals, from which hang seven small ribbed amphorae with a plain neck and a small globe for a tip. Terminals have small lanceolate palms bordered with beaded wire. Upper portion of necklace consists of a multiple link chain on either side, terminating at either end with two cylinders, decorated in filigree with petals and circles. The upper rosettes, the small lanceolate palms and the cylinders are decorated with cobalt blue enamel. Clasp with ring and "goose beak" hook.