Gold necklace with stones tegm Akelo
Name: Tegmen
Year: 1999
Raw material: gold 900/1000, sapphires and garnets
Price: On Request
Dimension Necklace
Length 46,5 cm
Height max. 4 cm
Details Necklace

Necklace Tegmen:
Central body consisting of an arrangement of three gold plaques joined by small chains. The central plaque, trapezoidal in shape and embellished with three garnets, is characterised by a border in twisted wire, as well as by a decoration consisting of geometric, phytomorphic and zoomorphic elements in filigree, granulation and "fine dust" granulation. The two triangular lateral plaques, each embellished with a sapphire, present a twisted wire bordering and a decoration consisting of geometric and phytomorphic elements, some of which coated with "fine dust" granulation. The plain-link loop-in-loop chain, at the ends of which are arranged links and hook forming the clasp, is joined to the central body by rings.