Gold tray plate BETELGEUSE Akelo
Name: Betelgeuse
Year: 2003
Raw material: gold 900/1000, enamel
Price: On Request
Dimension Plate
Diameter 9,2 cm
Height 1,6 cm (excluding handles)
Details Plate

Plate Betelgeuse:
Embossed, concave at the sides and convex at the bottom; it rests on a trumpet-shaped foot decorated with triangles and granulation, whose lower edge is bordered with a fine-cord wire. The decoration occupies the inner surface of the cup and displays the following: the figure of a man on horseback in "fine dust" granulation, a frame realised with triangles and circles in granulation and "fine dust", two meanders surrounded and surmounted by rosettes, triangles in granulation and small circles filled with green enamel. The stick-like handles terminate in a spiral that includes the rivets that fix them to the sides, and are placed horizontally above the upper lip.