Gold necklace with stones PHURUD Akelo
Name: Phurud
Year: 1997
Raw material: gold 900/1000, glass
Price: On Request
Dimension Necklace
Length 45,5 cm
Height max. 3,5 cm
Details Necklace

Necklace Phurud:
The necklace is composed of eighteen cylindrical gold elements in plain wire, alternated with eight ice-grey and ochre-coloured glass beads, each interposed with two rosettes in filigree (petals coated with granulation). Between one cylindrical element and the other are inserted eight pendants with small tubes in plain wire, two little wire circles, two rosettes in filigree (petals coated with granulation) and, alternately, ice-grey, ochre and brown-coloured glass beads (Middle East, I - II century AD).